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Make sure that there is a significant differe
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BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Bilateral ties between Argentina and China are bound to grow in the medium and long term, said a scholar on international relations.

Sergio Cesarin, coordinator of the Center for Asia Pacific and India Studies (CEAPI) of the National University of Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires, made the remarks in an interview with Xinhua after a conference entitled "China 2040: Economic Forecast and Global Connectivity" at the Confucius Institute of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

The two countries have not only expanded economic cooperation in recent years but also maintained intensive political dialogue in many areas, he noted.

"A number of treaties and bilateral accords are indications of strengthening ties," said Cesarin, who is also a member of the Faculty of Economics at UBA.

China and Argentina celebrated 45 years of diplomatic ties in February, and over the past nearly half a century, bilateral ties "have been in a constant state of growth," the expert added.

"That distant, remote and somewhat imaginary China -- because it was difficult to envision concretely -- is now a close China that is around us." he said.

This year, Beijing consolidated its position as Argentina's second-largest trade partner worldwide, with a 13 percent increase in imports from Argentina, driven by a wider range of goods and a more balanced trade structure.

China has become the leading importer of Argentine beef, with sales to China representing 35 percent of the South American country's total beef exports.

The Asian giant is also taking part in a series of key infrastructure projects in Argentina, including in the areas of hydroelectric and nuclear energy, rail building, clean energy development and housing construction.

The current economic equation and the future economic outlook show China is going to be a central player in global affairs, both politically and economically, and Argentina aspires to dynamically join global political and economic systems, he said.

"China will without a doubt continue to be a very important player for us......It already has been for a long time, but in the future it is going to be in terms of forging richer and more robust bilateral ties, because certainly new areas for bilateral cooperation are going to open up," Cesarin added.

SYDNEY, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Drones will be used at West Australian (WA) beaches in a three-month trial to monitor shark activity and potentially spot other dangers such as rips and schools of baitfish which attract the predators, local media reported on Monday.

Under the plan, 88,000 thousand Australian dollars (66,821 thousand U.S. dollars) will be provided for four small drones equipped with a high-definition camera to stream live pictures back to Surf Life Saving WA (SLSWA) operators at some metropolitan and regional beaches.

WA state fisheries minister Joe Francis said the trial was part of the state government's 33 million Australian dollars (25.06 million U.S. dollars) Shark Hazard Mitigation strategy.

"Drone technology has advanced significantly in recent years and it makes sense to test if it can be used effectively to make our beaches safer," Francis said on Sunday.

"The trial will assess whether this eye in the sky technology can add value to the beach surveillance currently provided by helicopter and beach patrols," he said.

Francis said SLSWA would test the technology's capability against environmental factors, such as weather conditions and beach geography, and would be flown at beach events such as surf carnivals.

The trial will run from November to January, and future funding will depend on the results.

Meanwhile, the opposition has made an election promise for a 200,000 thousand Australian dollars (151,867 thousand U.S. dollars) subsidy scheme for personal shark deterrent devices.

Labor leader Mark McGowan said under the proposed trial, 1,000 devices such as Shark Shield would be available with a 200 Australian dollars (151 U.S. dollars) state government subsidy.

"Allowing people to take individual protective measures, I think, has to be the future," McGowan told reporters.

At present, the state government's shark strategy includes aerial and beach patrols, monitoring and tagging, beach enclosures, and research into deterrents and shark behaviour.

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